August 2020 Reach (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. won the bidding of Tianjin Metro line 6 West(Lushuidao Station ~ Xianshuigu West Station) project

The construction scale of Tianjin Metro Line 6 is 56.15 km.It starts from Dabizhuang in the north and ends at Jinqi Road in the south. The total length of the main line is 56.15 km, of which the underground line is 54.56 km, the elevated line is 1.326 km, and the transition section is 0.264 km.The connection line of Metro line 2 and line 6 is 0.34 km.There are 48 stations in total.

The Tianjin Metro Line 6 Project (Lushuidao Station ~ Xianshuigu West Station) consists of 11 stations (including 9 stations, 1 depot and 1 Control Center) , with a total length of 13.42 km. The main line starts from the planned Lushuidao station in Jinnan District in the north and is laid southward along Weishan Road, the Lower Outer Ring Road will continue to be laid south along Weishan Road and South Weishan County Road. The lower ring road will be laid West along Pawan Road and Tongyan road after the lower crossing of Ningjing expressway. The destination will be Xianshuigu West station at the intersection of Tsunan Avenue and No. 28 road. The long-term link with the proposed Tianjin Metro Line 8 will connect the two-port residential area on the outskirts of the city, the Hai River Education Park, the Xianshuigu and the outlying areas and the central urban area.

In August 2020, our company won the bidding for Tianjin Metro line 6 West(Lushuidao Station ~ Xianshuigu West Station) project.