December 2020 "The third generation of nuclear security integrated access control system" project pass the evaluation and certification of scientific and technological achievements

On December 22,2020, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "measures for scientific and technological evaluation" of the Ministry of Science and technology, and in accordance with the standards and procedures for the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements,based on the principles of Science, independence, objectivity and impartiality, the third-party Evaluation Institution of scientific and technological achievements —— China Science and technology co-innovation (Beijing) science and Technology Achievements Evaluation Center organized the experts to evaluate the scientific and technological achievements of the project "the third generation integrated entrance and exit control system for Nuclear Security" , which was jointly completed by the National Nuclear Security Technology Center and our company.

After the expert review, it was concluded that the project integrated nuclear radiation monitoring, face recognition, body temperature detection and other functions, and developed the third-generation nuclear security integrated entrance and exit control system, the ability of integrated management and control in the field of nuclear security under epidemic prevention has been improved.The main innovation points are as follows: the project adopts integrated logic control technology, integrates the functions of card authorization, face recognition, nuclear radiation detection, temperature measurement, health code reading and data analysis into a comprehensive gate equipment, and realizes the comprehensive detection of passers;The project collects real-time data generated by multiple subsystems, such as radiation detection, gate control, card management, travel analysis, temperature measurement, safety inspection terminal, etc., and carries out integrated management, which realizes the simultaneous control of the gate by multiple systems and supports the logic control of primary and secondary, AND or, and priority among all subsystems;The project realized the unattended personnel access control through the intelligent analysis and prediction of the operation data such as normal, abnormal and suspected abnormal traffic of personnel.

The project has applied for 3 national invention patents (2 of which have been authorized) , and the quick-pass door of intelligent human body quarantine inspection and control has passed the inspection of the product Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the National Security Prevention and alarm system. The intelligent anti-epidemic gate system has been tested, evaluated and applied in Sanmen Nuclear Power Station. It has a wide application prospect in nuclear facilities, public safety, traffic and other fields.

The project has a high degree of integration and strong practicability. It is innovative in the comprehensive monitoring and integration method of personnel access control in the field of nuclear security, reaching the leading level in China, and can significantly improve the comprehensive control ability of personnel access in the field of nuclear security.After a comprehensive review by the expert group, the participating experts unanimously agreed that the project of "Third Generation Integrated Import and Export Control System for Nuclear Security" passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements.